Out of Milk has three amazing features that set it apart from the competiton. With an Out of Milk Pro license, not only do you get widgets and access to our website, but you also gain the ability to sync your lists online, share lists with other users, and have real-time list sharing!

We make managing lists super simple


Create and manage lists online or on your phone and see your changes in both places.


Share your lists with other Pro users. Go shopping with your partner and never worry about having different lists again.


As you or your partner mark items as complete or update your lists, it will almost instantly update on your partners phone!

Out of Milk Website

Shopping List Manage Shopping Lists

With Out of Milk, you can manage your shopping lists quickly and easily. Add items to your list and keep track of whether or not you have put them in your basket yet. It is easy to keep track of coupons, notes, and all sorts of other information necessary to easily managing your shopping lists.

Add Item Quickly Add Items to your Lists

It is extremely quick and easy to add items to your lists with our intuitive and fast interface.

Web Categories Organize With Categories

Easily organize your items into categories to keep your shopping lists organized and efficient!

Edit Item Comprehensive Item Management

Out of Milk makes it easy to manage everything you want to keep track of about the items in your shopping list - price, quantity, notes, coupons, and more!

List Actions List Management Features

Each list has a suite of options that allows you to efficiently manage your list. Share the list, mark it as complete, rename it, and other useful features.

Pantry List Manage Pantry Lists

Not only can Out of Milk manage your shopping list, but all of the features we offer above are available for keeping track of your pantry. Don't waste money any more by buying duplicates of what you already have!

ToDo List Manage To Do Lists

With Out of Milk, it is easy to manage your to do lists. Don't forget appointments anymore! It is easy to quickly build a list of things you need to do, and your phone will even alert you when it's time!

Out of Milk for Android and iPhone

Phone Shopping List Manage Shopping Lists

Our intuitive Android application makes managing your shopping lists a breeze. Out of Milk is fast, gorgeous, easy-to-use and provides everything you need to make managing your shopping lists as quick and easy as possible.

Device Categories Category Management

Keep your device's lists organized with easy to use categories!

Phone Shopping List Edit Screen Easily Manage Your Shopping Lists

It is easy to manage the items in your lists in Out of Milk. Add coupons, amounts, prices, and more to make sure your shopping list is as comprehensive as possible.

Phone Widget Awesome Home Screen Widgets (Android Only)

Add widgets to your home screen to view and edit your lists

Phone Sync Keep Your Phone Updated

It is easy to keep your phone and our website in-sync. Whatever you do on the phone shows up on our website and vice versa.

Coupons Make use of all of your coupons

Keep track of which coupons you have available for your shopping lists and save a little extra money!