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P.C. Richard & Son is a trusted and established retailer offering a wide selection of appliances, consumer electronics, and computer products. You can easily find household appliances, including refrigerators, ovens, air conditioners, washers and dryers, as well as vacuum cleaners and smaller appliances. Knowledgeable and friendly staff are also available to help you when shopping for a new computer and other electronics, including printers, scanners, phones, laptops, tablets, or cameras. Quality of products is high and the prices are low. You can always find the best deals and trust that P.C. Richard & Son will price-match any competition.

Attention P.C. Richard Shoppers: Loyalty Programs and Credit Cards, Black Friday!

Whether you need a new washer and dryer, love shopping for new computer products, or are looking for the best deal on your next big home purchase, P.C. Richard & Son is a local retailer that can help you save. In addition to everyday low prices, weekly ads and sales, as well as coupon offers, you should check out the additional savings and convenience of a P.C. Richard & Son credit card. With the P.C. Richard credit card, you get six months of special financing on every purchase, advance notice of offers and discounts, and low minimum monthly payments. You can simply apply online or visit any one of the 66 retailer locations where you can use your card the same day of approval.

Do you love video games? Blame it on the kids! P.C. Richards & Son offers a compelling rewards program for video game lovers. You will pay no membership fee and earn 300 points just for signing up! You’ll earn one point for every $1 spent and double points for all pre-orders. You get a $50 gift card for every 1000 points earned, get free access and information to pre-orders and special events. As a member you’ll also get exclusive points promotions throughout the year. You will also get mail guides, deals and savings coupons directly. Get access to weekly ads and video game coupons with the Out of Milk website.

Insider Hacks and Coupon Deals for P.C. Richard

P.C. Richard & Son is a family owned and operated business focused on keeping prices low so that customers can get the best deal. You can always find weekly ads with guaranteed low prices on the wide range of products available at P.C. Richard & Son, including top-brand appliances, electronics, computers, mattresses, and more. Here are some additional perks and hints to help you save the most when shopping at P.C. Richard & Son:

  • Price matching! If within 30 days of the date of your purchase from P.C. Richard & Son, you find a lower advertised price for the "identical", brand new, "in stock" item, at a "Local Brick and Mortar" or "Authorized Online" retail competitor, P.C. Richard & Son will mail you a check for 100% of the difference between the price you paid P.C. Richard & Son and the competitor’s written advertised price.
  • Contests and sweepstakes! Pay attention to regular contests and sweepstakes going on at P.C. Richard & Son. You can follow the store online, or at Facebook and Twitter.
    If you see a lower price advertised within 30 days of your purchase, P.C. Richard & Sons will mail you a check for 100% of the difference. Now that’s dedication to low prices!
    Follow weekly ads, circulars, and online coupons to stay abreast of P.C. Richard & Sons promotions and deals.

About the P.C. Richard & Son Company

P.C. Richard & Son is a true family business with humble beginnings in Brooklyn, New York, where the first hardware store was opened by Dutch immigrant, Peter Christian Richard in 1909. His son, Alfred J. Richard, was instrumental in the company’s early operations. With a penchant for sales and marketing, Alfred was the first to sell an appliance (the electric iron), which marked the beginning of P.C. Richard & Son’s focus on appliances. The store gained popularity in Queens and Alfred took over as President when his father retired. The company saw major expansion through the 1950s and 1960s, and in the 1990s, P.C. Richard & Son branched out into New Jersey, Connecticut, and into Pennsylvania in the 2000s.

P.C. Richard & Son is the largest private chain of appliances and electronics in the U.S. and is still a family-owned business with a fourth generation of Richards at the helm. This retailer is known for taking a stand on Thanksgiving by letting their employees off. Even though the retailer knows it would be a successful day in sales, the company feels it is more important to let their employees off to be home with their families on such a holiday. According to the company website, “it is distasteful to take employees away from their families just to get in some extra sales.” They would rather take the loss than contradict the moral foundation of the company.Why We Love P.C. Richard & Son

  • Employee pricing deals! On Black Friday all customers will only pay employee prices on all appliances. That means price guarantee with huge savings.
  • Delivery and installation! This is serious service. You can get delivery and installation for reasonable prices on all of your favorite low price items.
  • Repair services. P.C. Richard offers friendly and knowledgeable service, including in home repair services on your purchases, including appliances.
  • Financing! If you need an appliance TODAY but don’t have access to the cash, consider low-interest financing offered by P.C. Richard & Son.
  • Gift cards! If you can’t find that perfect gift, think about a gift card. A gift card is perfect for any occasion, including birthdays, holidays, or weddings.

P.C. Richard & Son for Contractors: The Builder’s Division In addition to its consumer products and services, P.C. Richard also maintains a corporate division known as the Builder’s Division and manages wholesale deals with contractors, development, and management companies. If you are a professional in the building industry, contact your local P.C. Richard & Son for more information about the perks and benefits of this division.

Considering a Smart Home? Contact P.C. Richard & Son An increasing number of Americans are looking to save money and resources with Smart Home technology. In addition to reducing your expenses, you can keep your home safer and more secure with the newest technology. P.C. Richard & Son offers a wide range of products including WiFi Thermostats, wireless security cameras, video doorbells, baby monitors, and more.