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Interesting Facts on Jackets

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The season is ripe with amazing fall tones, colorful hues, and warm outerwear for the cool weather.

Jackets are meant to keep you warm in colder weather: be it a cool day at the park, a quick run, skiing down a slope, walking in the rain, or a night on the town. Worn as a mid or outer layer, jackets are extremely versatile and can range from lightweight to heavy, depending on the design and material. There are hundreds of jacket styles and they are a hard staple in a closet. With Out of Milk, learn great tips on how to shop smarter, score the best deals, and find the quality jacket just right for you and near you.

Finding Your Jacket Style

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There is a large variety of specially designed jackets available depending on what you will wear or use your jacket for. By learning about the different types of jackets available on the market, in addition to the range of materials available , shopping for a new jacket that meets your needs, lasts, and looks great is made easy.

Types of Jackets and Other Outerwear

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Buying a solid leather jacket is one of the biggest investments one can make for a wardrobe. Shopping for something you wear almost everyday needs to have the perfect fit and represent an extension of your personality; leather jackets are a lifestyle piece. While real leather isn’t cheap, a good quality jacket worn often could be worth it. Once you find the right one -- it can last a lifetime and even longer.

parka down jacket
performance fleece jacket
vest down jacket

  • Shearling, fur, and faux fur trimmed or full coats offer both form and function. The fur provides additional warmth and style whether in countryside, suburbs, or downtown. They are lush and extravagantly designed to make cold winter more dazzling.
  • Wool coats keep you luxuriously warm, especially when lined with thick satin. It has many unique characteristics like crimps in the fiber that creates excellent insulation. The fiber diameter, color, length, and crimps determine the quality of wool. Coming in short, mid, and full length styles and rich textures, wool coats are elegant and classy. For even more sophistication and a softer feel, try a wool and cashmere combination.
  • The peacoat is distinguishable by its heavy wool layer and classic look of long sleeves, a thick, wide collar, wool material, and buttons across the front to ensure that warmth. The length varies from lower hip to mid-thigh, and even lower depending on the designer.
  • Raincoats are functional and fashionable for those rainy, foggy, and drizzly days. A timeless fit is the waterproof trench coat. More sporty styles include water resistant softshells and anoraks.
  • Leather and suede jackets provide a strong, confident, and individual vibe that never goes out of fashion. It comes plain, embossed, distressed, wrinkled, or embellished -- leather jackets make a strong statement.
  • Down filled or polyester filled jackets equip you with a comfortable extra layer of insulation to suit almost any weather condition outdoors. The quality and weight of down jackets varies greatly and depends on the function, climate, and purpose of the designer. Many down filled items are water-resistant and they also come in a wide range of styles.
  • Parka jackets are water-resistant and highly insulated coats that provide extra warmth for cold climates and rain. Length is usually mid-thigh and comes with long sleeves, a zippered front and a hood.
  • Performance outerwear is designed for the active and sporty; these softshell and hardshell jackets are designed to meet demanding needs. From light April showers to hiking, biking, or snowboarding, these jackets are sturdy and made from fleeces, strategically placed velcro closures, detachable hoods, storm flaps, elasticized cuffs, reflective tapes, and more.
  • Fleece jackets are light, comfortable, and made of soft fabric that is used primarily as a lining for performance jackets or as a layer. For example, polar fleece is the generic name for a variety of performance fleece fabrics, usually made from polyester, that help keep you warm and dry while staying outdoors for long periods of time.
  • Nylon jackets provide very functional and adaptable features that can be worn in any type of weather. Sturdy, tough, and often water- resistant, this is the material for most ski jackets and windbreakers. For waterproof options looks for fabric that is enhanced with laminates. For warmth in the fall and winter, look for options that include added insulation.
  • Vests are always fashionable and made a great option for brisk weather. Down-filled vests are ideal for the cold, however lighter styles are perfect to be worn as a layer underneath for unpredictable weather.

suit blazer jacket

  • Blazers and suit jackets hung in closet are sharp, professional, and add a touch of elegance to any outfit. This is the jacket worn Monday to Friday in many offices around the world. A good suit is extremely important: it is what you wear everyday, to job interviews, to weddings, and through many life milestones. A blazer resembles a suit jacket but is cut more casually, with durable cloth and nautical style buttons to accentuate its roots as a boating club jacket. It is always recommended to buy a suit in person, so that you can try it on, note the proper fit, and have it tailored to fit you perfectly.

Types of Leather

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Leather is a strong and durable material that can last decades and looks better as it continues to age. Always look for high quality full grain leather, thickness, and also the type of leather.

Cowhide, steerhide, and horsehide offer a more stiff, heavy, and durable layer that last very long, but require a lot of wear before the leather feels more comfortable and soft.

Calf skin is similar to cowhide but is slightly softer to the touch. Like cowhide, it is meant to be broken in and is quite heavy.

Lambskin is the softest type of leather. It is very light and feels like cloth or silk.

Goatskin is provides a middle softness feel that fall between lambskin and calfskin. It is more porous and has a heavy grain that is versatile and a great all-around leather finish.

Buffalo and bison leather are the heaviest leather types and are mostly used for protection and functionality. Items made from buffalo or bison leather are extremely durable and last forever.

Leather Jacket Styles

leather jacket moto

Motorcycle jackets are one of the most popular and classic styles. Also known as the Biker Jacket, these were the famous models sported by James Dean, Fonzie, and the Ramones. They are edgy and have a distinct character due to the asymmetrical cut of the large lapels, which are held in place by snaps.

Motocross jackets, which are a bit more sporty and streamlined, with minimal zippers, studs, lapels, and a slim cut for a minimal and sleek look. A deconstructed and minimalist motorcycle jacket, this style is perfect for casual street wear or a bold addition to business casual attire.

Bomber jackets are an iconic staple of American fashion, providing both durability and warmth. Originally designed for pilots, the traditional bomber jacket was lined with shearling sheepskin to protect soldiers from below freezing temperatures. The bomber offers a rugged simplicity that provides a tough, no frills, comfortable, and stylish option that is extremely versatile.

Fencing jackets are slim and form fitting with a high turtle neck collar that zips.

Hooded Leather Jackets or leather hoodies offer a modern twist for everyday fashion. They are more relaxed and are a fusion of streetwear and sportswear.

leather jacket fatigue

Fatigue jackets are similar to utility jackets, but hang low at the hips and often come with a belted waist to avoid looking boxy and to give the leather material more shape.

Leather trench coats take the traditional trench coat design, but are longer, heavier, and are used as an overcoat.

Leather peacoats mimic the peacoat cut but is fashioned in leather, whereas the classic peacoat is made in wool.

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