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Sporting Goods Near You

Interesting Facts on Sporting Goods

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Over 220 million americans have active lifestyles. 
--SGMASFRP Topline Report, 2012

America loves sports. Football dominates most Sundays. Basketball, baseball, hockey, and NASCAR all have dedicated followings. But the sporting tradition extends far beyond the television set and into the lifestyle of millions of Americans, who enjoy their gym workouts, team sports, and turning anything and everything into a competition.

To look the part of an athlete, Americans love to dress the part, finding the latest, fashionable, up-to-date sporting gear to boost their athletic performance. With Out of Milk app, the hope is that you can get the most out of your gear and your wallet, by offering the best deals at your local sporting goods stores, so you can find sporting goods, sportswear, running shoes, camping equipment and just about any type of athletic apparel imaginable.

What To Look For In Your Gym Clothes

The days of working out in a ratty, white t-shirt and gym shorts are long forgotten. Today’s fitness clothing are equipped with performance-enhancing materials designed to improve performance, functionality, and--let’s be honest--style. In fact, today’s exercise clothes are crafted so astutely that different workouts require different fabrics, designs, and fits. Make the most out of your workout, feel good, and look great. Here is a guide to some of the latest technolgies in sport textiles:

Material Workouts Effects
Cotton Blends Low-sweat activities like yoga, weight training, jogging/walking. Cotton is relatively breathable, easy to maintain, and absorbs moisture, though at the cost of making you feel like a wet dishrag after high-intensity workouts. On the plus side, it’s cheap.
Synthetic Fibers Ideal for most exercises, especially high-intensity exercises like cardio training, spinning, and sports. Fibers like polypropylene, polyester, and graphite help wick away moisture to enhance performance and keep you dry.
Temperature-specific fabrics Outdoor sports like hiking, rowing, bouldering, pretty much any activity where it can get either too hot or too cold outside. In warm weather, materials help draw moisture away from the skin, while also staying light and breathable. In the cold, thermals create air pockets to trap air and retain body heat, providing warmth without being heavy on the body.
Spandex/Lycra Activities involving extensive bending or stretching like yoga, pilates, weight-lifting, and gymnastics. Perfect for bending and stretching. The compression can improve circulation to alleviate stiffness and soreness.

Athletic Wear and Fashion

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Many fashionistas claim America’s contribution to the fashion world is sportswear. Originally intended as clothing specifically for sport, designers slowly decided to produce women’s sports clothing demonstrating realistic lifestyle applications. The simple clothing suited a relaxed American demeanor, and, being neither formal nor informal, exhibited a relaxed, sporty style.

Though it wasn’t until the 1980s where the line between sportswear and activewear--workout clothes--became even more blurred. Hoodies, track suits, yoga pants, running shoes, and running shorts became everyday attire. In recent years, this "athleisure" market is growing rapidly, reporting an 8% growth to $35 billion in 2014, which even cut into the amount of blue jean sales.

Currently, some of the most popular apparel brands in the United States are also the leading sportswear brands or athletic apparel manufacturers:

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Reebok
  • Under Armor
  • LuluLemon
  • Puma
  • Columbia Sportswear
  • Patagonia
  • North Face
  • Timberland
  • Burton

Types of Sport Equipment

While sportswear is perfect for working out, it’s only a small part of what you need to enjoy your favorite sports, exercises, and activities. With sports comes equipment, and, depending on the activity, you may need to purchase a lot of equipment to even begin participating. Here’s just a bit of what you need for some of the most popular activities in the country.

Athletic Activity Necessary Equipment
Football Football, cleats, football helmet, shoulder pads, athletic supporter, mouth guard, girdle
Soccer soccer ball, cleats, shin pads, soccer socks
Basketball Basketball, basketball shoes, basketball hoop
Baseball Baseball bat, baseball glove, baseball, batting glove, batting helmet, baseball cap
Ice hockey Hockey stick, hockey puck, hockey helmet, hockey pants, hockey gloves, ice skates, athletic supporter, hockey socks, shoulder pads, elbow pads, leg pads, neck guard, mouth guard, hockey tape,
Tennis Tennis racket, tennis balls, tennis shoes
Golf Golf clubs, golf shoes, golf balls, golf tees, golf bag, driver, putter, golf irons
Volleyball Volleyball, knee pads
Hiking/Camping Hiking boots, backpack, map, compass, tent, gaiters, sleeping bag, first aid kit, flashlight
Skiing/Snowboarding Skis, ski poles, snowboard, helmet, winter jacket, ski/snowboard boots, hood or hooded top, thermal pants, thermal top, goggles, ski/snowboard pants, gloves
Fishing Fishing pole, tackle box, bobbers, fishing line, hooks, lures, jigs, sinkers, weights, live bait, insect repellent, GPS, knife, cooler
Cycling Bike, helmet, padded shorts or padded tights, wicking jersey, bike lock

What to Ask Before Buying Home Gym Equipment

What are your goals? Much like sports equipment, a home gym is an investment, but, unlike sports, where the goal is often to have fun and exercise, gym workouts generally require particular goals: lose weight, bulk up, tone down, improve cardiovascular fitness, maintain health, or simply just general training for an undetermined motive like a future half-marathon.

How much are you willin to spend? Buying home gym equipment can quickly get pricy. After assessing your goals, you need to assess how much you’re willing to spend. A set of dumbbells, exercise hand grips, or a thigh toner will cost pennies on the dollar compared to equipment like specialized treadmill and hefty weight sets. Remember to always examine a product’s quality as well as its price because low-quality equipment can lead to injuries and broken equipment. Some trust brands include Total Gym and Powertec.

How much space is available? A forgotten criteria is to know how much space you have for your equipment. There is no sense in buying an elliptical when you only have room for a stair stepper. With free weight sets, make sure not only that there's enough room for the set, but room to store the addution weights and bars that come with the set.

Will you use this piece of equipment on a regular basis? Too often, people purchase exercise equipment without considering if they’ll use it regularly. There’s no use buying a treadmill if you hate running. If you don’t know how to correctly use free weights, you may be better off purchasing any of a number of resistance machines. Exercise needs to be enjoyable and not a chore, and nobody wants to see their money gone to waste with a dusty piece of equipment that never gets used.

Types of Home Gym Equipment

Once you’ve assessed your needs in a home gym, it’s time to consider the types of equipment to suit your needs. For example, cardio builds endurance, improves cardiovascular fitness, and helps the heart. It’s running, walking, climbing, anything that keeps the heart rate up for an extended period of time. It’s the perfect workout for someone looking to shed some pounds and get lean. On the other hand, strength training won’t make you thin, but, through weight lifting, it’ll help you build muscle and turn bits of excess fat into muscle. Here is a list of equipment designed to help you train better:

Cardio Training Treadmill
Stationary Bike
Rowing Machine
Jump Rope
Strength Training Dumbbells
Free Weights Set
Resistance Training Resistance Bands
Lat Pulldown
Cable Row
Cable Press
Pull-up Bar
Toning and Balance Training Exercise Balls
BOSU Balls
Exercise Discs

When To Find The Best Sporting Goods Deals

Sporting goods aren’t cheap, and their impact on your health, whether it be the safety of equipment of the benefits of a home gym, is immensely valuable. So, in addition to using Out of Milk app to find the best discount sporting goods deals in your area, you can find extra sales for cheap sporting goods by shopping seasonally. Here’s when to find the lowest prices for every type of sporting good:

January Treadmills and Ellipticals
February Treadmills and Ellipticals
March Winter Sports
April Winter Sports
May Apparel and Shoes
June Swimwear and Summerwear
July Swimwear
August Backpacks
September Bikes
October Bikes
November Bikes and GPS
December Bikes and GPS