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Save-A-Lot Shopping Guide

What makes your favorite grocery store so great? Of course, it needs to carry your favorite products and deliver on customer service, but you shouldn’t have to break the bank when it comes to everyday shopping. Save-A-Lot offers that rare combination of high quality products and services at serious discount prices. You can find everything you need including fresh produce, a wide selection of frozen foods, dry goods, household goods, over-the-counter medication, beauty products, pet food and other odds and ends.

Save-A-Lot also carries your favorite brands, including World’s Fair, Healthy Choice, and Chef Boyardee. To save even more, always view the weekly ads so that you have access to coupons, specials, and deals. 

Five-Dollar Meals and Special Buys!

Save-A-Lot also offers a 5 Dollar Meals program bringing you meal ideas, and the ingredients sold in store sold at a discount price for a total cost of $5 or under. Find amazing deals on every meal of the day, that’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the whole family. This is an easy way to help you save money throughout the year and to find the most convenient ways to create delicious and inexpensive meals.

Special Buys is another promotion offered by Save-A-Lot where you can basically buy products straight off the pallet and grab items at a temporarily reduced price. If you want to save on the Special Buys, you have to grab these products during a limited time. Usually, they are offering brand name items while supplies last, so stock up while you can!

In general, you will find unbeatably low prices throughout the Save-A-Lot stores. Track deals, coupons, and weekly ads by checking the Out of Milk website.

About Save-A-Lot

Save-A-Lot is a discount supermarket chain founded in 1977 by Bill Moran in Cahokia, Illinois as an alternative to large supermarket stores. Within three years of its launch, the retailer had grown to 52 stores and continued to expand. Through acquisitions, purchases, and expansions there are now over 1,300 stores in the U.S. and is one of the fastest growing retailers in the country. The store is unique in that the items are usually displayed in their shipping boxes, saving customers on money because the items are not individually unpacked and arranged.

Save-A-Lot has a smaller footprint and is able to convert existing structures to serve the diverse and varied communities and locations. By cutting out extra services like a salad bar, deli, cafeteria, floral department, shelving, and other costs of a larger grocery store, Save-A-Lot passes those savings directly to customers. A limited assortment concept means that customers get a 40% price advantage over other supermarkets because of limited private label product selections and size. Favorite Save-A-Lot brands include Bubba sodas, Fairgrounds deli meats, Nature Trails wholesome snacks, Port Side seafood, Skillet Masters meal mixers, World’s Fair frozen desserts, and Kaskey’s soups.

Save-A-Lot maintains its headquarters in Earth City, Missouri. A majority of stores are owned and operated by independent licensees, giving the license holders the option to sell other non-Save-A-Lot products inside their stores. A few of these stores offer additional services including bakeries, delis, money transfers, and fueling.

Save-A-Lot is known for its charitable giving to organizations throughout the U.S. and works diligently to improve the quality of life for customers and their communities. They continue to partner with non-profits to help those in need, giving priority to organizations that help with hunger relief, health and wellness, nutrition, education, and environmental stewardship. Local, station, and national non-profits and individual charities can make a donation request online.

Why We Love Save-A-Lot

Most retailers want you to leave satisfied, but not all of them will go out of their way to guarantee that you do. Save-A-Lot offers the “Save-A-Lot Promise” to ensure that you leave satisfied. If you are unhappy with any products, you can simply return them with a receipt for a full refund or reimbursement. This makes shopping at Save-A-Lot risk- and hassle-free. With everyday low savings, you can expect to reduce your overall grocery and household goods costs. You can save even more by tracking the Save-A-Lot Special Sales and get deals like “10 for $10” or take advantage of the 2-3 day sales on your favorite items. Here are a few other reasons to love Save-A-Lot:

  • Budget friendly! So, yes, we love the savings and budget friendly focus of Save-A-Lot, but the savings goes beyond the price tag. The overall approach is geared towards helping you reimagine your budget and shopping techniques so that you can save more year-round while shopping for your family.
  • High-quality products! National products as well as Save-A-Lot brand name products cover all your needs and are always available at affordable prices.
  • Layout and ease of the store makes it easy to find what you are looking for. Save-A-Lot stores tend to be smaller with wide aisles so that you can quickly locate your favorite products. This also makes it easier to get in and out compared to shopping at a massive big box store.
  • BYOB! Save-A-Lot encourages customers to bring their own bags. They do charge a small fee for their own bags, but it is good for the environment and helps you save more too!
  • Coupons and circulars! You can save big if you combine everyday low prices with their coupons and circular offers. Find coupons and deals on the Out of Milk website.

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