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Verizon Shopping Guide

Verizon is the trusted household name for U.S.-based wireless and mobile services. The broadband service provider and retailer offers fiber-optic Internet, cloud services, security and much more. Whether investing in a new mobile phone plan, installing wireless in your home, or investing in home technologies and solutions, Verizon is your go-to provider. Verizon products and services allow consumers to connect and collaborate through global networks and informational systems. The 4G LTE wireless network and broadband cable network connects users through mobile and smartphone technology, data services, tablets, computers, and wireless hotspot devices.
What makes Verizon a trusted retailer, and mobile services and internet provider? They are everywhere you want to be. There are currently over 1,700 retailer stores in 2,700 cities in 150 countries throughout the world. The company offers a wide range of plans and options for subscribers and diverse selection of top devices. Verizon provides fixed-line and wireless phone services, internet access, and television to individuals, families and small businesses throughout the U.S. Subscribers can access the fiber-optic network services with speeds up to 500 gigabytes per second. While rates are always competitive, you can also save more by tracking weekly and seasonal ads, specials, clearance, and presenting retailer coupons.

Leading Wireless Deals and Broadband Coupons

Our busy lives are made easier because of technology and the connections we can make through our mobile phones and the internet. We can organize, connect, and collaborate through our mobile devices making home and work life operate more smoothly. From organizing shopping lists and groceries to collaborating on high-tech industry projects, we depend on our mobile devices and service providers.
Every consumer has a choice. To get the most out of your mobile device and service plan, you should compare prices from your local providers. To get the most savings and deals on our mobile data, broadband, and devices, it is important to know about weekly ads, deals and offerings available at Verizon. We love to compare rates and have found that the most competitive prices come with the use of coupons and other seasonal savings or weekly ads. 

Insider Verizon Hacks

Get the Most from Your Wireless Provider! Most of us have had the experience of being shocked by our mobile data, phone, or Internet bill. To prevent getting overcharged, maximizing your savings, and getting the most from your mobile data provider, you will want to know these insider hacks. Here are the best ways to save as a new or existing Verizon customer:

  • Sign up for their small business savings plan and get the most out of your wireless plan and partnerships with other business friendly organizations
  • Watch for online and daily specials so that you don’t miss out on savings and discounts throughout the year
  • Keep track of coupons, special offers, and Verizon customer savings offered in Verizon mailings, weekly ads, and coupons.

Small Businesses Get Special Savings from Verizon

Small business owners know that long-term savings and profits means learning how to cut down on daily costs. Verizon offers a number of products and services to help small businesses accomplish their cost-cutting objectives and protect their bottom lines. Small business owners will get an immediate 25% off selected services and 8% off all monthly access fees when they activate five new wireless lines. They will also benefit from the collaboration with FedEx, including discounts up to 21% on FedEx Express. The Staples Advantage give small businesses another price reduction with product discounts up to 84% for members. Small business deals and specials include Verizon partnerships with the Audio Production Store, the Grainger Marketplace Program, Rainbow Advertising, Xerox, Ricoh, and Verizon Merchant Services through Chase payment processing.

About Verizon

Verizon is based in New York City and incorporated in Delaware. The company was formed in 2000 with the merger of Bell Atlantic Corp. and GTE Corp. and began trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the VZ symbol on July 3, 2000. Verizon Wireless launched its 3G (third generation) network in the United States in 2002. The advancement gave wireless customers the unique ability to access high-speed wireless broadband to surf the web, stream music, and videos, and access content from their mobile devices. In 2005, Verizon began taking orders for FiOS, the fiber to the premises (FTTP) telecommunications service. It is currently available to multiple states through a global network of over 800,000 route miles. Verizon Communications Inc. is the largest U.S. wireless communications service provider and their FiOS service (using fiber optic cable instead of copper wire), has a total of 7.1 million subscribers. Verizon also has 5.7 million FiOS TV customers.

Where did the name “Verizon” come from?

Have you ever wondered what “Verizon” means? Verizon is the brand name given to the company after the merger of GTE and Bell Atlantic in 2000. Bell Atlantic changed the name of its surviving company to “Verizon” derived from combination of the words “veritas” (the Latin word for “truth”) and horizon.

Verizon’s Record of Charity and Giving Back

Verizon is dedicated to service and giving back to communities throughout the United States. They are particularly focused on improving education, domestic violence prevention, and sustainability. Verizon charity programs provide products and services that are safe, easy, to use and environmentally friendly. They offer a wide range of technology solutions, device recycling programs, and online safety resources for users. Here are a few ways that Verizon has helped serve communities in the U.S. and abroad:

  • Verizon donated $50,000 to The Dollywood Foundation to support wildfire relief efforts in Tennessee in 2016.
  • Verizon collaborates with Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to help design innovative solutions for emergency management.
  • Verizon provided free service to customers with friends and family in Indonesia following the devastating and massive earthquake.