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The Easiest Way to Holiday

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Preferido por los Niños!

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Black Friday Comienza el Jueves 23 de Nov.

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Top Rated By Kids!

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Black Friday

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Walmart Shopping Guide

It’s hard to find a retailer with a wider selection and lower prices than Walmart. American shoppers know to head to Walmart, the one-stop-shop discount department store chain.  In addition to a wide selection of fresh produce, dry goods, meats, deli, dairy, and a bakery, Walmart also carries an assortment of beer, wine, and other beverages. You can also head to the electronics and media department for televisions, speakers, and other appliances. Walmart sells clothing, household goods, outdoor apparel, pet supplies, toys, and recreational gear, including bicycles for children and adults. Whether you’re stocking up for the week or need a specialty item, Walmart offers a unique shopping experience designed to meet the needs of their diverse consumers.

Walmart frequently offers sales, discounts, and publishes weekly ads and circulars. You can access coupons and weekly deals with your mobile phone and get up-to-date info on all sales and clearance items.

Walmart Money Card, Savings Catcher Rewards and Cash Back!

There are many ways to save by registering for Walmart’s many rewards and cash-back programs. Here are just a few!

  • Savings Catcher! The Savings Catcher allows you to get back the difference in prices from a competitor on a Walmart Rewards eGift Card or a Bluebird by American Express card. The amounts credited can be used to make purchases in store.
  • Walmart MasterCard! If you are a regular shopper and want to save big, get added deals, savings, and coupons, consider the Walmart MasterCard! You’ll get an immediate percentage off your purchase just for applying and continue to reap the rewards of savings and cash back throughout the year, whether you are shopping at Walmart or anywhere that you pay with your MasterCard.
  • 3-2-1 Save Program! This is Walmart’s cash-back loyalty program giving all Walmart credit card and MoneyCard holders 3% back on all purchases made online, 2% back on fuel purchases and 1% back on any purchases made elsewhere.
  • Reloadable Debit Card! You don’t have to rack up credit card debt to earn cash back! Simply use a prepaid card to build credit and get 3% cash back at and 1% back at all Walmart stores. This amounts to up to $75 in cash-back every year.  By joining, you are eligible to win one of the $1,000 grand prizes or one of the 499 additional cash prizes every month!
  • Price Match! Did you know that Walmart will match any price on any currently published website? That means that all of those online discounts can still be yours if you simply bring in the ad and show a Walmart cashier. All you need to do is make a list ahead of time, check local ads for a better deal and bring those ads to Walmart. Consider price-matching on all items, including groceries, deli and bakery items, as well as health and beauty supplies.
  • Check for Clearance Items! Like many retailers, Walmart changes its prices all week long. This means that it can be difficult to determine which days are the best days to shop. To better understand sale patterns, watch for trends in each department to see which day of the week clearance items go up. Remember that clearance items may be in the back and you can also be on the lookout for discontinued items or older models for the lowest prices.
  • Use Coupons! Yes, Walmart already has great bargains and everyday low prices, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also combine those savings with coupons. Visit the Out of Milk website for immediate and up-to-date access to all weekly ads, coupons, and digital fliers.
  • Early bird gets the worm! A lot of markdowns go into effect early in the morning and you’ll want to be there to have first dibs on clearance and sale items.
  • Day-old Baked Goods. This is an easy way to save. You wouldn’t throw out your own baked goods after a day, why should it be any different when shopping? Yesterday’s baked goods will usually be marked down for a quick sale and you can always freeze them if you don’t want to use them right away.
  • Rebates, rebates, rebates! So, you’ve already saved on low prices combined with coupons, there is still another way to save. Watch for rebate offers from manufacturers, often times mail-in rebate offers will give you huge savings.

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About Walmart

Walmart was founded by Sam Walton in 1962 and incorporated on October 31, 1969. In recent years, Walmart has expanded its operations and become the largest grocery retailer in the U.S.  As of September 2016, there were 11,573 Walmart stores and clubs located in 28 countries throughout the world. Walmart is a multinational retail corporation operating worldwide and is the largest company in the world by revenue, according to the Fortune Global 500 list. Despite its rapid growth and expansion, Walmart is still a family-owned business and the company remains in control of the Walton family.

Why We Love Walmart

So, they basically have everything you could possibly need or want at unbeatable prices. What else is there to love? The Walmart Foundation is dedicated to creating new opportunities so that people can improve their quality of life. Walmart provides grants to thousands of organizations and also encourages employees to volunteer in their communities. In 2014, the Walmart Foundation donated $1.4 billion in cash to organizations around the world. The company continues to meet the needs of individuals with a focus on opportunity, access, and sustainability.

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