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West Marine Shopping Guide

West Marine is a household name in boating communities and throughout the boating culture in the U.S. The company understands that no one needs to own a boat—which means that consumers who invest in boating gear in products do it because they want to have fun. For West Marine shoppers, their purchases are a passion and they are willing to spend their hard earned dollars what they love. The retailer focuses on a range of boating related activities including sailing, racing, tubing, water skiing, fishing and cruising.

Whether you are embarking on a new hobby or you are a lifetime enthusiast, you can find everything you need to get out on the water including anchors, navigation equipment and supplies, gear, and clothing. West Marine offers more than 75,000 products and is a one-stop shop for any nautical product.

History of West Marine

West Marine was founded by Randy Repass, a sailing enthusiast who sold rope to other boaters out of his garage in Sunnyvale, California. The company was called West Coast Ropes and first opened in 1975 in Palo Alto. The store stocked ropes and a minimal supply of boating equipment including anchors and fenders. Feeling that the existing boating industry meant dark, disorganized supply stores and a lack of customer service, he wanted to fill that market gap. Mr. Repass is famously quoted as saying the boat stores were “staffed by a couple salty, but indifferent clerks who preferred swapping sea stories with one another top helping customers find what they came to buy.”

Following his own passions and experience, the founder understood the needs of other sailors and made a business out of finding the best products and solutions so that other boaters could have an improved experience. Focusing on customer needs, West Marine grew to be the biggest boating gear and supply retailer in the United States.

West Advantage Rewards and Financing

Whether you are a new boater or a longtime and loyal customer at West Marine, you’ll benefit from West Marine’s loyalty program known as West Advantage. Silver members will get one point for every dollar spent on qualified merchandise and $5 back for every 500 points earned. You will receive a certificate in the mail every quarter and can view your certificate balances online. Gold members will receive $10 for every 250 points earned, a faster rate of point accrual and even more savings. Other members only benefits include VIP special member entry to offers and events, exclusive volume discounts, travel discounts, online access to your account, and a discount magazine subscription. To save even more when shopping at West Marine, you should also visit the Out of Milk website for access to coupons, weekly deals, and other special offers available exclusively at your local West Marine store.  

Blue Future and Corporate Giving

West Marine is dedicated to corporate service and giving, notably through its Blue Future program. Blue Future is dedicated to youth water life recreation and education and helps others pursue their lives and passion around water. This means supporting and promoting marine habitats, sustainable fisheries, and connecting future generations to the water through education and other recreational initiatives. Blue Future has given significant donations through grants to nonprofit organizations that teach powerboating, fishing, boatbuilding, sailing, and conservation practices.

Why We Love West Marine

The sheer range of products makes West Marine the optimal solution for boating gear and supplies in the U.S. Whether you are a hobbyist, professional, or need boating gear related to industrial enterprises, West Marine ensures the highest quality of product and services. At every location, you will find a friendly and knowledgeable staff capable of helping you find everything you need. They are also available to answer any questions you may have related to boating equipment and accessories. Whether you love fishing or watersports, tubing, swimming, kayaking, or sailing, West Marine is an affordable, reliable retailer to help you master the boating lifestyle.

We love that West Marine is not only a reliable and affordable retailer as well as a passionate supporter of water activities, sustainability, and the environment. West Marine is hosting the World Oceans Day Art contest with the theme around the future and our oceans. The art contest winners will see their artwork appear on puzzles in the West Marine stores and in the world-acclaimed Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut. The proceeds from this contest will go to the BlueFuture Fund.